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The Quesadilla: Identity Theft or Confusion

The Point is that

I don’t know if the quesadilla dilemma is an existential problem or a case of identity theft. The reality is that in our current reality, we are faced with a double identity of the quesadilla.

The True History

Do not worry, for here at La Luna Cafe we have both the Mexican and the Salvadorean Quesadilla! 

Both are quesadillas, however they are very different. The former is the most commonly known as the easy to make cheesy tortilla meal.  The latter and less commonly known is a traditional savory piece of pastry Salvadorena. Take a second to observe the differences.

Now you know the difference between the quesadillas! 

If you are the kind of person that likes to dive deep into dilemmas to attain the truth, I will direct you to further information about each of the quesadillas.

Atte. R.S.Jaimes

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