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Family Owned & opErated

La Luna is a local family owned café that provides coffee, espresso, pastries, and breakfast. Here to serve and engage with Sioux Falls and its visitors, we offer a unique spot for customers to relax and socialize while enjoying the best food, coffee, and espresso in town.

Watching what you eat? We can provide a healthy gourmet meal for you as well! 🙂 Check out our menu page for more details. 

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Visit our unique and relaxing spot conveniently located by Falls Park!

---------------our mission

passionate to serve

La Luna Café is determined to fulfill people’s daily coffee necessities. This café will be the dream place to escape the daily stresses of everyday life. We hope to engage with you as your local coffee shop.

La Luna Café is a gathering place where one can express themselves freely where we are open to the time and imagination of musicians, comedians, actors, writers, painters, poets and all other local artists. We celebrate the daily possibilities of communicating through art with the Sioux Falls community.

La Luna Café will offer a unique spot for customers to relax and socialize, while enjoying some of the best brewed coffee or espresso in town. Furthermore, we will provide pastries and gourmet snacks to hold your appetite! Lastly, La Luna’s aura will emit a chill and creative atmosphere which is ideal for hard working students, business people, and all others who need to focus.

Downtown Sioux Falls

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